Medical billing for dentists helps take your practice to the next level. With a focus on reducing claim errors, decreasing turnaround time on payments, increasing medical reimbursement of claims paid by medical insurance carriers, and continuing to utilize patients insurance with no yearly maximum on benefits paid.

Transform Your Practice

Take your practice to the next level and transform into a wellness center focused on whole-body health and not just teeth/oral health.

– Increase Revenue 

– Higher Case Acceptance 

– Treat More Patients 

– Increase Your Patient’s Overall Health 

– Maintain Higher Revenue In Your Practice 

– Patients will recommend your practice to everyone

Providers that can bill to Medical Insurance as Primary include:

– General Dentists 

– Periodontists Orthodontists 

– Prosthodontists 

– Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Medically Billable Procedures

– CBCT Scans & Exams 

– Consults for medically necessary procedures 

– Sleep Apnea Appliances 

– Oral Surgery 

– TMJ Disorder Treatment and appliances 

– Sinus Lifts and Bone Grafts 

– Mucositis 

– Tooth Loss due to trauma or systemic conditions 

– Oral Systemic Infection 

– Botox injections for painful bruxism 

– Excisions 

– Biopsies 

– Reconstruction due to trauma or conditions 

– Endodontics due to trauma or medical conditions 

– Oral Cancer Screening 

– Bone Atrophy that results in ill-fitting dentures 

– Denture Pressure ulcers 

– Many More Procedures

Financing Available

Several low interest and deferral programs.
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