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The Excelsior is the top-of-the-line 3D CBCT Panoramic X-Ray from PreXion. Manufactured in Japan, it is focused on the high-definition imaging that stands to the slogan “Make IT Visible”.

Lower Dose

PreXion 3D Excelsior enables CBCT imaging with 30% lower patient radiation dose than current PreXion CBCT levels without any degradation in image quality.

Optimal FOV Size

PreXion 3D Excelsior has 4 distinct FOV sizes ranging from 50 x 50 mm, 100 x 80 mm, and 150 x 80 mm, perfect to select for any clinical indication, Variation of imaging mode and possibility to select the volume size according to your diagnosis allow you to obtain the highest image quality, all while by limiting radiation.

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Touch Screen Control Panel

Being able to directly and immediately position the patient has never been easier. The ability for the clinician to perfectly align the gantry for any patient regardless of height of size is quickly accomplished with a visual guide on the 7″ touchscreen located directly beside the patient, intuitive and efficient usability defined.

Proper orthodontic treatment starts with proper diagnosis. The PreXion Excelsior shows the exact relationship of all anatomy in stunning clarity for your treatment planning and case presentation. With our intuitive software, cephalometric tracing and measurements are fast and easy – further enhancing case planning with precision and accuracy. With the Excelsior’s ultra-low dose mode, you can capture all the information you need with minimal radiation exposure, ensuring peace of mind for you and your patients.


The use of CBCT in implant dentistry is arguably the most common of all clinical applications. With the advancements in image quality found in the PreXion Exclesior, the highest levels of predictability and clinical success are at your fingertips. With our powerful implant planning software, you can easily and quickly map the mandibular nerve, assess bone quantity and quality, and determine the proper implant angulation and position. In addition, you now have the capability to export DICOM and STL data for further planning and surgical guide fabrication.

Oral Surgery

The ability to see what you previously have not been able to is invaluable to any practitioner who is either performing the surgery, or collaborating with a surgeon on a referral basis. Clearly see third molars, supernumerary teeth, and maxillary cuspids. Properly diagnose cysts, tumors, and lesions. Identify sinus walls, nerve positioning, and other vital structures and locations. The PreXion Exclesior will enhance outcomes and minimize complications.


The PreXion Excelsior has direct impact on all aspects of a progressive periodontal practice. From applications in implant planning and treatment, the ability to evaluate bone loss and defects, diagnose diseases and pathology – there is not an area that the clarity of the Excelsior image cannot bring into focus and make visible.


The ability of the PreXion Excelsior to capture small areas with high resolution is one of the most powerful capabilities we can offer to endodontic diagnosis lesion and abscess and the capacity to see canals not visible in 2D are but a few of the capabilities unlocked with the Excelsior.

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The PreXion Excelsior is able to aid in the assessment of the TMJ by showing condyle and fossa morphology in extremely clear detail. Diagnose and evaluate potential TMD issues including identifying erosion, osteophytes, and fractures. Accurately measure the volume and the surface of the condyle. With the PreXion Excelsior’s dedicated TMJ Scan mode, your patients are exposed to a fraction of the radiation.

Airway Analysis

With the PreXion Excelsior you can discover restricted airwayes, and see the pathway for optimal treatment for patients suffering from sleep disorders, sleep apnea, and sinus complications. Unlock the ability, with our software to easily trace the airway, see restriction points, and calculate volume.


The ability ot provide point-of-care CBCT for diagnosis to otolaryngology patients has far-reaching and life altering benefits – immediate review of 3D images, a reduction in patient anxiety, immediate diagnosis, higher patient compliance, and reduced medical costs.

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