CBCT is the GPS-navigation for bone and nerve pathways. With a CBCT the general dentist can move into new areas of dentistry including implants and airway. CBCT imaging reduces complications and increases treatment planning along with an increase in patient acceptance.


The PreXion 3D Excelsior CBCT has improved the reliability and quality of all CBCT core technologies including the X-Ray Tube and the Flat Panel Detector (FPD) for both CT and Ceph. PreXion is supplying superior quality products from there state of art factory in Japan with excellence in quality assurance, production, and manufacturing flexibility.


 The PreXion newly developed FPD, X-Ray Tube, and software – coupled with the world’s smallest focal spot of 0.3mm – deliver industry leading image clarity with 6 times larger volume rendering for every clinical need. 


Additionally, the PreXion 3D Excelsior CBCT enables dental cone beam CT imaging with 30% lower patient radiation dose than current CT machine levels without any degradation in image quality across different scan modes. 


PreXion continues to shine in the industry with Education and Support and offers a 10 year Warranty, the best in the industry.

Frame 2
PreXion Evolve machine.


  • 3 FOVs (5×5, 6×9 and 9x9cm)
  • 0.5mm focal spot with excellent image quality
  • Patient Motion Correction (PMC) and Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) options improve diagnostic accuracy
  • Excellent starting CBCT, which is ceph upgradeable
  • 5 year all-parts, 1 year labor warranty

  • Panoramic-only model
  • Smart Contrast algorithm provides clearer visualization for easier diagnosis
  • Ceph and 3D upgradeable
  • 3 year all-parts, 1 year labor warranty



  • Larger Fields of View
  • New IGZO Flat Panel Detector (FPD)
  • New Modern Design
  • Ceph x-ray upgradeable


5×5 cm, 8×8 cm, 12.5×10 cm and 15×15 cm (optional, stitched).

The Expedition model provides better image quality because it uses more current to project the image (creating an even more vibrant image with less noise) with a modern, updated design.

PreXion Expedition machine.


PreXion 3-D Explorer CBCT Scanner is the newest model offering the most Advanced Diagnostic Technologies: 

  • 10 Year Unlimited Warranty
  • 4 FOV including: 5×5, 10×10, 15×8, 15×16
  • High Resolution & Low Radiation
  • Focal Spot .3mm & .07mm Voxel Size
  • No Yearly Fees & All Software Included

The Explorer brings your practice to the next level including:

  • Implants
  • Oral Surgery
  • Periodontics
  • Endodontics
  • TMJ
  • ENT
  • Airway Analysis
And more!
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Software Features
With the precision and professional competence of PreXion, dental professionals have a powerful partner at their side.

Multi-data: Load multiple patient scans on a single screen. Synchronize pre- and post-operative scans and detect differences slice by slice.

Patient Education and Presentation: Quickly capture 3D animated video clips for patient education and lecture presentations. Increase case acceptance through better patient understanding.

Collaborative Tools: Automatically save 3D image reports to an MS Word template and attach to patient’s practice management record. Collaborate with referring dentists by burning a patient disc with the sample viewer. Capture and email images quickly.

Remote Access: Work on cases from home or a satellite office without long connectivity delays. Lead virtual treatment planning meetings remotely with PreXion3D.

Thin Client Server: PreXion3D CBCT scanners do not require computer hardware upgrades. Their software does not slow down network bandwidth like other CBCT scanners.

Implant Library: Use our extensive library or customize your own.

Save Scenes: Save your case workup as a scene or create multiple saved scenes with a single scan.

3D Templates: Save time with over 20 pre-made 3D volume rendering templates or customize your own.

Slab and Cutting: Slab feature allows the clinician to see inside structures while rotating the 3D image. Cut away structures to see exactly what is pertinent to your case.

PreXion Explorer Pro

Financing Available

Several low interest and deferral programs.
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